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School Health Services are provided to promote health and wellness in our students.

During the school day, Mrs. LeeAnn Kane, the Middle School nurse, is available to provide students with first aid treatment. If a child must be sent home due to illness, parents will be notified and are responsible for transporting their child home from school. Please note that medications to be administered by the nurse must be accompanied by a written doctor’s order. Any student taking medicine on a permanent basis requires a yearly renewal of the medication administration form. For more information, you may visit Mrs. Kane’s website or contact her directly at school:

Mrs. LeeAnn Kane
609-465-1834 x 4006
[email protected]

Important Information from the Health Office

Symptom Assessments: For the health and safety of our staff and students please monitor your student daily for the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills/shivering, muscle pain, headaches, sore throat, new loss of taste and smell, diarrhea, stuffy or runny nose, and nausea. If your student is experiencing any of these symptoms, please keep them home from school. If you are uncertain, please be cautious and keep your child home.

Masks: As of March 7, 2022, Middle Township Public Schools adopted a mask-optional status.

Immunizations: The New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) will not waive vaccine requirements nor will there be any extensions for the upcoming school year. Students will be expected to comply with all vaccine requirements prior to attending virtually or in-person at a New Jersey child care, preschool or school.

Respiratory Treatments: There will be no nebulizer treatments given in school this year per NJDOH Guidelines. Respiratory treatments will be inhalers with the use of a spacer. This is due to the aerated droplets emitted with nebulizer use and potential risk of viral transmission.

Quarantine Guidelines: Symptoms of COVID-19 are similar to many other upper respiratory infections as well as allergies. Precautions are necessary in the school setting so please be patient and understanding if your student is sent home with symptoms. NJ DOH mandates we follow the following guidelines:

Testing Positive for COVID-19

Persons who test positive for COVID-19 and are symptomatic or persons with COVID-19 symptoms who weren’t tested or who are waiting for test results: Stay home and isolate from other people for at least 5 full days (day 0 is the first day of symptoms). If symptoms resolve (fever-free for 24 hours and other symptoms improve), isolation can end after 5 full days (i.e., on day 6). If symptoms persist (fever or if other symptoms have not improved), continue to isolate until fever-free for 24 hours and other symptoms have improved.

Persons who test positive for COVID-19 but have no symptoms: Stay home and isolate from other people for at least 5 full days (day 0 is the day of the positive viral test). If no symptoms develop, isolation can end after 5 full days (i.e., on day 6). If symptoms develop within one week of the positive test, the 5-day isolation period starts over with day 0 being the first day of symptoms. Follow recommendations above for ending isolation for persons who have COVID-19 symptoms.

Additionally, students need to wear a well-fitted mask when around others through day 10. For those ending isolation on day 5, this would be during days 6 through 10. Students who are unable to wear a mask when around others should stay home and isolate themselves from other people for a full 10 days.

Close Contacts of a Positive Case:

Unvaccinated students must quarantine if they come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Close contact for students in a school setting is defined as less than 3 feet when students are wearing masks, or within 6 feet if not wearing masks for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period.

Fully vaccinated students or those who had COVID-19 in the last 90 days DO NOT have to quarantine, unless they start showing symptoms. Though the CDC and NJDOH are making a distinction between 18 and older and 5-17 year olds in their recommendations, we are treating all students the same so booster shots are not required for students to skip quarantine.

When on Quarantine: Stay home and away from other people for at least 5 days (day 0 through day 5) after the last close contact with a person who has COVID-19. The date of the exposure is considered day 0. If COVID-19 symptoms develop, get tested and follow isolation recommendations. If asymptomatic, get tested at least 5 days after the last close contact. If the test is positive, follow isolation recommendations. If the test is negative, you can end quarantine after day 5. If testing is not available, you can end quarantine after day 5 (as long as there were no COVID-19 symptoms throughout the 5-day period). Continue to wear a well-fitted mask when around others through day 10. For those ending isolation on day 5, this would be during days 6 through 10. Persons who are unable to wear a mask when around others should stay home and quarantine from other people for a full 10 days. Continue to monitor for symptoms.

Quarantine guidelines are subject to change per CDC and NJDOH review and recommendation.

Additional Information

Throughout the school year, there are a number of screenings that are done on students including height, weight, vision, hearing, and scoliosis. If you wish to be present at any of the screenings please call 465-1834 ext. 4006, so an appointment can be scheduled with the nurse.

It is no longer required to administer physical exams at school. The State of New Jersey recommends that your child have a complete physical by your family physician one time during each of the following developmental stages: preschool – grade 3, grades 4 – 6, and grades 7 – 12. The district will provide sports physicals for those students in grades 6 – 12 that do not have health insurance. Please notify the nurse’s office if you anticipate that your child will be participating in sports and will need to have a physical here at school. All forms required for participation in sports can be downloaded here.

Please keep this office informed of any injuries or illnesses that your child may have had during the summer or may have throughout the school year. Also, if he or she has had any recent immunizations, please provide a physician’s note as to the type of shot given.

In the event that your child may need medication dispensed during the school day, a physician’s Written request is mandatory. The School Board policy on distribution of medication at school is included with the Health Services packet.

It is also important to notify the school when your child will be absent. Please call 465-1834 ext. 4050 in the morning to report an absence. A written note should also accompany your child when he/she returns to school.

Any family in need of an application for NJ Family Care Health Insurance may. also contact the health office. All calls to this office in order to address concerns about your child or the Health Services that are provided are welcome.

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